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Ballroom Dancing with

Simon Evans

There is a very specific set of musical protocols for the ballroom. 

Simon's father was a dance band saxophonist so he learned from a young age about the specific tempos, rythums, song durations, and the finesse of ballroom music. Not all musicians have this training so if you want the perfect music for the traditional dance steps, choose Simon solo or with his band for a perfect evening of ballroom. This brief audio demonstration will take you through some styles, including:


* Some fox trots (various tempos);

* Bossa Nova;

* Cha Cha;

* Rumba;

* Waltz;

* Modern Rock Waltz;

* Pride of Erin




♪ Repertoires and shows ♪


♪ Shows ♪


♪ Musical history tour ♪


Drawing from Simon's huge skill sets from his classical and jazz training to his years of experience playing in rock and jazz bands, theatre, “the musical history tour” covers material from the classical period to now. This unique combination of musical styles starts with classical music and follows through early jazz, rock n roll, disco, pop of the 50s through to the now, house, rock, funky house rhythms.... 


"Simon blew me away: after playing some of the most difficult pieces of music ever written from the jazz genre on the piano, he donned a guitar and played a Joe Satriani piece with all the finesse and passion of the virtuosos of guitar. His voice was superb and he sang everything form Rock and Pop to Latin Jazz, Pop, House, Disco. People danced, quick steps, waltzes, sambas - I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing - a diversity and variety I’ve never seen before"


Samantha Buckingham -TV presenter.


The show incorporates four separate video screens and is fully charted to include a brass section; a string secretion, backing vocalist parts but can also be broken down to a smaller show without losing punch.

♪ An evening with Simon York ♪


The first half of the show: A solo performance, mainly jazz standards and popular songs with a piano and voice. Simon has a very quirky sense of humor and some great stories to tell. In this show Simon communicates really well with his audience and gets some laughs, tells some tales and sings some beautiful tunes. The simplicity and the complexity of the piano and voice as rarely heard in a solo setting.


The second half of the evening introduces a drummer and upright bassist to form a traditional jazz trio. The feet start tapping the jazz gets jazzier. But it’s not all jazz either… some classic songs thrown in.

♪ Simon York goes Latin ♪


From Tito Peunte to modern pop songs. This compelling show incorporates Latin Percussion instruments utilizing some of the finest Latin percussionists in the world.

Congas, Timbalis, bongos and other percussion is featured heavily in the extravaganza of Latin rhythms and sounds.


♪ 90s and current Rock ♪


A straight up rock band – bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

Repertoire: Nirvana, Matchbox twenty, Nickleback,  Greeenday, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpins, etc. straight up solid rock.


Best for audiences of 30 something.

♪ DJ ‘Zee’ and me ♪


A generation has come and gone; grown up with the sounds of electronic generated music. Café Del Mar and Buddha bar has utilized these motifs to produce music from chill out to serious house and deep house styles that have provided background ambience from Star Bucks coffee shops to Dance clubs all over the world. This unique duo cut it’s teeth performing all over Europe – the Med and also the Caribbean – in party hot spots to demanding party audiences. DJ ‘Zee’ and me is a unique blend of electronic sounds and loops produced by a DJ with the compelling stylish instrumentation of Simon’s guitar and keyboards and voice. Utilizing vocoders and synthesizers to produce four-on-the-floor rhythmus and sound effects you world expect to hear from a DJ in a night club but mixed and merged with what you could best describe as a cocktail of musical forms. From classic song remixes to contemporary pop this is a hi tech show.


♪ Bars and small rooms ♪


From years of performing in piano bars in the Caribbean to hotel Lobbies and black tie events throughout Europe: from playing in pubs with an acoustic guitar. Simon is no stranger to solo performances and can design a musical combination (duo/trio/band/DJ) any small room and provide music appropriate to the age group and style of the room.

Simon is an excellent classical guitarist providing elegant music for formal events. He has also played in some of Europe’s most prestigious jazz clubs and nigh clubs.


♪ Repertoires♪


♪ Traditional and contemporary jazz ♪


♪ Classic Rock ♪


♪ Popular songs – contemporary and classic ♪


♪ Latin Jazz ♪


♪ House / Vocal ♪


♪ Classical / Semi Classical Piano ♪


♪ Classical Guitar ♪


♪ Solo Jazz Guitar and Voice ♪


♪ Chill out ♪


♪ Folk ♪


♪ Blues ♪


♪ Cocktail Lounge ♪

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