December 13, 2016

December 3, 2016

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Importance of music on your wedding day

December 12, 2016

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Importance of music on your wedding day

December 12, 2016


Some of our colleagues involved in providing services for weddings here on the Sunshine Coast and also in Melbourne where we also perform, were recently discussing with me about the importance of live music at a wedding. 


Talk to any music psychologist and they will tell you what was already stated by the wise of old: namely, that music is a powerful thing in lifting moods and enhancing emotion and a sense of togetherness that families and friends experience at an event such as a wedding. 

Music is ... wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. (Plato 427-347 BC)


I was also talking to a Restaurateur here in Noosa and also on the of the Island Resorts here in Australia about some research conducted about the effects of music on customers:

Researchers such as Yaldch and Spangenberg ( 1 Journal of Consumer Marketing) demonstrate that consumers are more likely to purchase more expensive wines and items in a restaurant where more sophisticated forms of music are played - such as classical or forms of jazz. There’s a reason for that ...

Music definitely has an effect on the mood of an event. Researchers also say that songs are very powerful memory evoking force. 


Like they say in the movies: ‘They’re playing our song’.


It may be said that music is just an abstraction; it is not a real thing that you can handle or touch or put into a package, nevertheless, the value of creating memories and nostalgia and ‘feeling’ of happiness and joy. Isn’t that what a wedding is all about?

In our old age, these are the things we will be looking back at. 


1 Richard Yalch (Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Washington in Seattle), Eric Spangenberg (Doctoral student in marketing at the University of Washington), ISSN: 0736-3761
Alpert J.l & Alpert M. (1989) "Background Music as an Influence in Consumer Mood and Advertising Advertising". Advances in Consumer Research, Vol 16 pp 485-491.

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