Why skilled musician?

If you are here it’s probably because you are interested in music specifically for weddings and events here on the Sunshine Coast or in Melbourne where I/We also play music for weddings and events on a regular basis.

One of the problems with music for a wedding or an events is finding music that is suited to the overall event. On the one hand you'll want music that is elegant and traditional.

A bride doesn’t want to walk down the isle to ‘Copperhead Road’. …well maybe some would …

You want music that is background, elegant and stylish to suite the formal part of the day. You also want music that is smooth and ambient for the reception … not too upbeat but not to sleepy either.

… later on, though, after all the speeches are done, people want to party, celebrate and have a good time. You’ll want music that is vibrant and dancey.

Classic favourite songs, party classics, disco, etc.

Most people hire a band and a separate classical musician, or a DJ.

Hiring a trained musicians with skills that cross all those genres and styles is a good idea.

There is nothing like the feel and the energy of a real live skilled musician.

Sure we can DJ some music for you too, but live playing is creative, and unique and mood setting like nothing else.

We have worked all over the world, and, here in Australia, in all the Capital cities and entertainment hot-spots: Hayman Island, the Skii Fields in the winter time, events and weddings all over. This is not boasting, it’s just to say positively that hiring me/us means you’ll get quality and diversity.

You’ll want music that is contemporary and not too old-fashioned and stuffy but your relative can also enjoy the time honoured classic songs that they grew up with too, in a ReMixed style or in the classic style.

A trained classical pianist, trained classical guitarist, highly creative and experienced DJ, and an entertainer who has performed in serious rock bands all over the world who’s experience in crossing styles is unique, to say the least.

Any questions of comments are welcome at this blog and we look forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll take a look around on this web site.

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